eCare Extra Low Voltage Electric Under Blanket

A Safer, Healthier Way to Keep Warm at Night

ECONO-HEAT’s Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV, Class III) electric blankets operate on less than 21 Volt DC, making eCare EXTRA safe and shock-proof. This differs from other electric blankets and is not to be confused with ‘low energy’ or ‘low wattage’ blankets, which still operate on a 120 Volt or 230 Volt  AC power supply.

eCare eliminates harmful electromagnetic radiation, making it a far healthier option. Another unique advantage is that eCare is machine washable and dryable!

  • Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV Class III) – The Ultimate in Health and Safety
  • Extra safe and shockproof
  • Eliminates harmful electromagnetic radiation associated with other electric blankets
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Soft, luxurious and comfortable
  • Outer covering made from 100% cotton
  • Three heat settings – low, medium and high with two convenient OFF positions
  • Convenient boost timer heats up your bed faster, for those extra cold nights
  • Low setting is extra low which provides a desirable setting for comfortable all-night sleep
  • Energy saving – Turns off automatically after 10 hours if left on accidentally
  • Energy saving – Only uses a maximum of 60W on high setting
  • Convenient user-selectable one hour timer – automatically switches off after falling asleep
  • The blanket creates a comfortable warm feeling, which is close to the body’s natural temperature
  • Available in Single, Double, Queen and King size
  • Easy to fit – adaptable elastic straps fit all mattress heights and lengths
  • International safety standards approved
  • Two year warranty

eCare is in a electrical class of its own

Our eCare blanket is a Class III appliance making it extra safe and shockproof, this differs from other electric blankets on the market. Further information is available online at this Wikipedia page

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(Stock available only during season – starting April 2013)

eCare User Manual: