eHeater Energy Saving Wall Panel Heater

Features and benefits

Energy saving – low electricity consumption, only 400 watts
Quick and easy to install with the patented Econo-Kit
Can be painted to match interior décor
Natural convection technology – heated air rises at 0.7m/s
Safer for children and pets – no exposed elements of fans
Ultra slim and compact design – out-of-the-way wall mounting
Inexpensive to acquire, inexpensive to run
No drying of the air. No oxygen burnt up
Efficiently warms a room of approximately 100-120 ft²
Non-flammable. Non-combustible
PAP, RoHS, REACH, WEEE compliant
VOC, PAHS, Asbestos free. Contains no harmful chemicals or metals
International Safety Standard Approved – SABS, TÜVgs, cUL USA, NOM, CE, InMetro, NF, SII and NSW
3 year warranty

Natural convection technology

Econo-Heat wall panel heaters offer out-of-the-way wall mounting and are an economic way of providing efficient room heating at a low cost. Using natural convection technology, heat is mainly generated behind the heater in the space between the panel and the wall, which leads to an efficient up draught of heated air circulated into the room (the heated air rises at a speed of 0.7m per second!). This principle of convection means that about 90% of the heat comes from the back of the panel, while only 10% is radiated from the front of the panel. This form of background heating is extremely economical, safe and efficient.

Your Econo-Heat wall panel heater is designed as an alternative to conventional bar heaters and other forms of high output heaters that use large amounts of electricity. It operates at relatively low surface temperatures (165 – 195°F, dependent on the ambient temperature), and uses minimal electricity.

There are numerous advantages to using Econo-Heat electric wall panel heaters. They save on floorspace, are safe to use around children and pets, operate at the same electricity cost of just four incandescent light bulbs and can be painted to match any décor with PVA or emulsion type paint (do not use oil based paint).

Econo-Heat wall panel heaters are designed to be left on for long periods of time, giving you comfortable background heat at a low cost. This is similar in concept to a central heating system – yet far less expensive.

Econo-Heat wall panel heaters are International Safety Standards approved and have a two-year warranty provided they are used correctly.

Econo-Heat Wall Panel Heaters are extremely versatile. They can be painted with water-based acrylic paint (do not use oil based paint) to match interior décor, enabling the panels to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Recommended places to install

Household installation

  • lounge
  • dining room
  • bedroom
  • kitchen
  • nursery
  • study
  • conservatory
  • garage
  • pet sleeping areas
  • basement
  • vacation home

Workplace installation

  • hotel
  • guest house
  • restaurant
  • office
  • waiting room
  • creche
  • school
  • hospital
  • student hostel
  • holiday rental

The Econo-Heat eHeater wall panel heater is not recommended for use in bathrooms or other rooms with exposure to water or steam. If a customer decides to install in these areas, the heater should be mounted above shoulder height and be out of reach of a person in a bath or shower. Econo-Heat will not be held responsible for any damage or injury sustained when used in such areas.

How to install in easy steps

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The ECONO-KIT includes – 1 x 8mm drill bit (I), 4 x hard wall spacer plugs, 4 x soft wall spacer plugs (II), 1 x drive tool (III) and 4 x mounting pins.

1) Use the holes provided in the cardboard packaging or the heater itself as a template to mark the position of the four holes on a flush wall (ensuring the template is level by using a spirit level).

2) Drill the holes using the 8mm drill bit included. For best results, ECONO-HEAT™ wall panel heaters should be mounted approximately 15cm above the floor and away from windows and doors.
3a) HARD WALL [such as brick or concrete] – Push the hard wall spacer plugs into the wall and position the ECONO-HEAT™ wall panel heater onto the four spacer plugs.

3b) SOFT WALL [such as GIB® Plasterboard] – Screw the soft wall spacer plugs (II) into the four holes in the wall until hand-tight. Use the drive tool (III) and the supplied 8mm drill (I) bit as a lever/handle (or use a screwdriver (IV) by inserting the tip into the back of the drive tool, see diagram 3b) to screw the soft wall spacer plugs fully into the wall.

4) Ensure that the heater is orientated correctly with the switch at the bottom right hand corner. Lock the heater into position with the mounting pins (use a hammer to gently tap the mounting pins into place).

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Quick how to install video

Technical specifications 400 watt model

Power Rating: 3.3 Amps @ 120V

60 Hz

Ohm Reading: 127
Dimensions: 23″ x 23″ x 3/8″
Max Surface Temp: Approx 165 – 195° F, depending on the ambient temperature
Mass: 14lbs (Unpackaged)
Cable: 6ft, 2 prong cord
Plug: 3 point, not earthed (World market: depending on country specifications)
Approx Quantities: 1 heater per 120 ft² (temperate climate)

1 heater per 90 ft² (cold climate

Warranty: 3 years